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Well done to Vicki and Lyndsey who ran the Edinburgh half marathon to raise money for Switch. They managed to raise over £1000 through sponsorship! Thanks for hard work and effort that went into training and competing in the event. Also thanks to all those who sponsored so generously.

Vicki and Lyndsey - Edinburgh half marathon



volunteerWith all our volunteers we are committed to ensuring (you) the highest standards in volunteering experience because we highly value our volunteers – without you, nothing happens!

SWITCH is committed to involving volunteers directly within the organisation to:

  • Contribute to the realisation of our vision.
  • Form our Board of Trustees.
  • Make sure we are responsive to the needs of the young people and communities we serve, and thus bring about greater local impact.
  • Provide different skills and perspectives.
  • Offer opportunities for participation by people who might otherwise be excluded.
  • Ensure the longevity of our work.
  • Enable the vision and work of SWITCH to spread geographically.

If you would like to be involved with SWITCH please email volunteer@switchscotland.org and we will endevour to respond within one week.

If you would like to receive a Volunteer Information Pack in a different format (for example, large print) or have it read to you, please let us know and we will be happy to be of assistance. Additionally, we would be happy to receive an oral application if that is more suitable for you - again, just let us know.


To meet our desired budget we are seeking funding from Trusts of various sizes, but recognise that we need to build financial support that will foster longevity in our work.

We are seeking individuals and families to give towards SWITCH on a regular basis. We calculate that if we can have 100 people/families giving £10 per month, then we would be half way to raising our finances and in a very strong position to gain support from Trusts.

Please consider giving to the work of SWITCH - even giving £5 or £10 per month would be greatly appreciated – and if you are a tax payer then we can also claim back GIFT AID on your donations! Signing up is easy with our Gift Aid form.

If you would like to give regularly to SWITCH then please contact us on info@switchscotland.org and we can send you a Standing Order form.


Motivated by our Christian beliefs, we recognise that the work of SWITCH belongs to God and ask people to commit to praying for the specific areas of work. If you would like to recieve regular prayer updates please send your contact details to prayer@switchscotland.org

Be an Advocate

AdvocateCould you be an advocate for SWITCH by sharing our financial need with your local contacts? Or do you have a story or perspective to share on the value of SWITCH? If so please email info@switchscotland.org so that we can hear your story and resource you in your role as an advocate. Both these roles are essential.


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