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What we do

SWITCH is currently involved in the following ways within South Edinburgh. Many of the areas are considered to be deprived with common issues of crime, truancy and addiction, which are a continuing problem amongst young people.

Gracemount Primary

Basketball in schoolsWe run two lunchtime basketball clubs in Gracemount Primary School to engage with  young people through sport. A 'water break' allows an opportunity for open discussion about what the young people believe and what Christians place their hope in.



Organised Activities

Street Team Street Team

Street Team is run by a group of trained adult volunteers who engage with up to 50 young people through sport and outdoor activities, based at an outdoor community football Street team leaderspitch on a Friday night from 8-9.30pm. Street Team has proven to be a great way of building trust with the young people and it is usually where relationships are first initiated.


We run a basketball club at Valleypark Community Centre, Friday 4:45pm-5:45pm. This is another avenue by which we initiate relationships or build relationships on the foundation of Street Team. In the time it has been running, this basketball club has seen around 100 young people engage in the positive learning environment.  Some of them are involved today as young leaders!

Small Group Outings

Small group outings are run to allow relationships to be further developed. The young people are taken out in sibling groups to do activities such as rock climbing, bowling, cinema, vaulting, ice skating, beach outings etc.

Happy Hens, Wester Deans Farm

Wester Deans Farm is in the Scottish Borders and has 416 acres of land.Happy Hens The farm has recently become a charitable trust so that young people can come out and learn about the animals and help out with the daily farm duties. There is a new Hen shed which has 12,000 free-range hens and they produce 10,000 eggs a day! (this part of the farm is called ‘Happy Hens’).  There are also sheep and cows on the farm so there is always something to do!

Family Support

Family supportWe aim to further the community work currently done by offering help to families with gardening, painting, disposing of unwanted items, shopping, as well as seeking to develop positive support and maintaining good communication with the parents of the young people.




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